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The MBA Match-Making


Plan Your MBA Journey, With A Little Help And Mentorship From Top Business School Alumnus

Are you someone who…

Aspires to get into a top MBA institute, but is confused how to go about it?

Often wonders when is the right time for you to do your MBA and more importantly, from which school?

Unsure about what to expect from an MBA course and what kind of jobs you could land?

Confused, whether spending 20+ lakhs on a degree is worth it, financially?

And most importantly, want access to a top MBA institute graduate to get the insider scoop and clarify all your queries?

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I get it. MBA is a once-in-a-lifetime decision. AND let’s face it.




The worst place to be in is to spend INR 30+ lakhs in your MBA, and 5 years down the lane, regret your decision and hate the job you are in!

Which is exactly why, thinking through your MBA journey, and having full clarity on whether to do an MBA, when and from where, is super important!

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The MBA Match Making Blueprint

A no bull-sh!t course to help you plan your MBA journey, based on on-ground realities, and shared by mentor who has gone through the same confusion and decisions as you.

The Course Will Help You Answer The Following Questions, Based On Your Life Stage And Your Career Aspirations:

Whether you should be doing an MBA at all, based on your aspirations

If yes, when is the right time for you to do MBA

What are the right schools for you to apply, for maximum chances of selection

What will your Return on investment be and how much will your net worth increase, if you get an MBA degree

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The best part?

There are some really easy-to-use frameworks to guide you step-by-step and can help you get answers to the above questions, customized for YOUR life situation, life stage, and aspirations.

Here’s what you will get access to inside the course:

Module 1:


  • Overview of MBA curriculum

  • Different types of MBA

  • Benefits of an MBA degree

Module 2:

Who should do an MBA?

  • Top reasons to do MBA for job seekers, business and startup owners

  • Career options after MBA

  • Factors to be taken into consideration

  • Recommendation for freshers, young professionals and experienced professionals

Module 3:

When to do your MBA?

Module 4:

Where to do your MBA?

  • Factor to be considered

  • Based on Types of MBA

  • Based on MBA specialization

  • Based on location (India vs. Abroad)

  • BONUS - Top 30 business school by ranking in India

Module 5:

Understanding MBA ROI

  • Why calculating ROI is important

  • Factors to be considered

  • Assumptions in calculating ROI

  • BONUS - ROI of select top B-schools

  • BONUS - Workable spreadsheet to calculate your MBA ROI

Get access to all of this for less than the cost of a Pizza!

Meet Soumi, Your Mentor

Soumi is an engineering graduate from IIT Delhi and later got her MBA from ISB Hyderabad, one of the topmost business schools in India. She has a total of 9+ years of experience in sought-after corporate fields such as investment banking and management consulting, across India, the US, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Passionate about sharing her experiences and bridging the access gap between current students and industry professionals, she started Insider Gyaan in 2019. Since then, she has mentored 50+ students in their MBA and career journeys, while sharing powerful inside information not well known outside the corporate circles.

In this course, she has power-packed her experiences and stories from the multiple roles she has held

  • Of being a graduate of one of the top B-schools in India, and having a powerful IIT-IIM-ISB network of young professionals spread across corporates, startups and businesses

  • Of being an interviewer of incoming batches at ISB PGP Program

  • Of mentoring 50+ students in their MBA journeys and producing rich free content on Insider Gyaan Youtube channel

  • Of being an MBA boss-lady herself, where she works with C-suite clients to solve their business problems, and lives a life that you can live post-MBA


Soumi is on a journey to help current students make their career and MBA choices from a place of awareness, and not driven by emotions or peer pressure. The MBA MATCHMAKING BLUEPRINT is a culmination of that

Hear It From My Students!​​

Aruneema Sharma


The session is great. I needed someone with experience in the job market within and outside India, to guide me about how can I strategize my job hunt. Soumi's experience and guidance are not only helping me to strategize but also clearing any confusion I have regarding a particular role. She is able to understand my background and guide me about how can I tailor my professional image on LinkedIn and through my CV. She's very understanding, patient, and humble while hearing out one's story.

Anurag Rathi

My experience was really good. Had a great conversation with Akhil (from Insider Gyaan), who kindly shared his IB experience and really focused on how I could enter the industry. He made me very comfortable to ask any and every question I had under the sun. Was a very useful session.

Akash Jha

The session was really helpful. Clarified some of my career-related doubts. It always helps to talk to people who have been through similar phase.

Vishal Dhanwani

Thank you so much for this detailed information on Return On Investment. Now I am even more determined to do my MBA.

So, are you ready to take the first step towards your MBA journey, by planning a roadmap?